Origins of the name Satan

After several years of intense and extensive research, it has all come together.

1. The bible was invented in order to keep esoteric knowledge and mind/soul power in the hands of a select few.

2. Christianity, which began with the Catholic Church, was invented to physically enforce the above and also, to destroy and to replace the original religions. The original religions centered around the reverence for the serpent. The serpent is the symbol of the kundalini. The “Tree of Knowledge” is really the map of the human soul. It is seen in nearly every ancient religion pre-dating Judeo/Christianity. The trunk symbolizes the spine, and the branches symbolize the chakras and the kundalini pathways. There are 144,000 nadis (channels for the kundalini life force) within the human soul.

The Buddah sat beneath the “Bo Tree” and achieved enlightenment. “Bo means serpent, as in Bo-A or Boo-Ta.”¹ The Christian Church stole, twisted and corrupted everthing they could from the original religions. The fig tree was known as “The Tree of Wisdom” Ficus religiosa.² The xian church corrupted this with the placing of fig leaves over the genitals of Adam and Eve.

3. “Satan” in Hebrew means “enemy” and “adversary.”

Now, the word “Satan” goes back much, much further than the Hebrew definition. Here is a link everyone should check out.

Note in the upper northwest corner of the map of India, the name of the town “Satana.”

“Satnam” and “Sa Ta Na Ma” are sacred mantras used in kundalini (serpent) meditation. The five primal sounds in Ancient Sanskrit, one of the oldest known languages are “SA-TA-NA-MA.” “Sa” means infinity; Ta means life; Na means death; and Ma means rebirth. All variations of the name “SATAN” mean TRUTH in Sanskrit, which is one of the world’s oldest and most ancient of languages.

All of this has to do with the kundalini life force (the serpent) within us. “Jacob’s coat of colors” in the bible is the aura. The number seven is the chakras. The interpreters of the old grimoires have it all wrong about the “seven planets.” The ancients knew much more than given credit for regarding astronomy.

Anyone familiar with Chinese medicine and advanced martial arts is aware of the chi (the life force, same as the kundalini) and how it is more active in certain pathways in the body on certain days and hours. I uploaded a chart to the meditations section for this. The authors of alchemy texts in those days put their writings in codes in order to escape persecution by the church.

The sun was another object of veneration for the original religions. This was because of the pure, raw power it bestowed and as it is the source of all life. Drawing down the moon or absorbing energy from the stars is nothing compared to what can be done under the sun, given the knowledge and training. JoS clergy members know this. Holes in the aura are healed and the life force is amplified as with no other source of light.

“Lucifer” was also given to our beloved Father as a name. Lucifer was originally a Roman God with no connection to our Father Satan/Ea. The prefix “Luc” has to do with light. The soul needs light. The morning star, Venus, was a source of light for the ancients as its rising preceded the all-important sun. Venus also rules the important heart chakra.

Father Satan (I prefer to call him Satan, personally), told me he has no problem with people calling him by the names he has been known by for centuries, even though they are inaccurate. I call him Father Satan whenever I communicate with him or thank him for something. To me “Satan” will always mean “adversary,” adversary to the enemy lie of Judeo/Christianity.

The Catholic Church knew the original religions had to be replaced with something else and this is where all of the stories in the bible came from. They are all rip-offs from the originals, which had their origins long before Judeo/Christianity ever reared its ugly head.

The Virgin Mary stole from and replaced Astaroth, who was bound, as “the Lady of Heaven.” Astaroth was the most popular Goddess in the pre-Christian world. Fictitious Jehova ripped off from Enlil/Beelzebub/Baal, who was the most popular God in the pre-Christian world, and then there is our beloved Creator Father Satan/Ea who wound up as the Serpent and the Devil.

Sexuality, which is the primary aspect of the life force, automatically came under intense scrutiny by the church. Orgasm directly stimulates the kundalini serpent the base of the spine. The creative energy needed to produce another human life can be used to revamp one’s life force which advances and empowers one’s soul.

Obviously sexual activity could not be prohibited, so fear was used to place it under strict regulation. In the xian religions, especially the Catholic Church of old, all sexual pleasure was sinful and prohibited by the church. Intercourse was only to produce children and nothing more. Nakedness became a sin because it led to lust. Masturbation was another “mortal sin.” Anything that had to do with the raising of the kundalini was severely attacked by the church. The sole purpose of the Christian Church was for the removal of knowledge and nothing more.

While the masses have been stripped of this knowledge and power, a select few who have worked to remove this knowledge use it liberally to enslave the unknowing world. The Jesuit assassins of the Catholic Church are known to even levitate as they draw off of the psychic power from the prayers of their unknowing vicitms.

¹Cloak of the Illuminati by William Henry, 2003

² Ibid.

Although this book has a lot of valuable information if one reads between the lines, the author is deluded as he believes in the fictitious nazarene.

© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;


Satanism’s origins in the far east

From years of research, and guidance from our Beloved Father Satan, we have discovered the true origins of Satanism. We have come to the conclusion, knowing Judaism, Christianity and Islam to be unparalleled and viscious hoaxes upon humanity, that the claims these programs make in regards to the origins of humanity being in the Middle East are lies and cover-ups to further delude and confuse people as to the truth. Spiritual knowledge and teachings came to Egypt and Mesopotamia from the Far East.

The Far East is also where Judaism and Christianity STOLE their doctrines from, after corrupting them and replacing them with imposter filth, with the goal to remove all spiritual knowledge from the populace, their trail of lies is replete with the murdered, the tortured, the damned and the spiritual degeneracy of humanity. More and more lies are necessary for these programs to cover up their stinking foundation of corpses, destruction of historical artifacts, and horrendous corruption.

When doing any personal research/study on your own regarding the Far East disciplines, it is very important to remember that unfortunately, these have been heavily polluted with Christian filth and lies like just about everything else. The TRUE goal of Satanism [the root word/name “SAT” of ‘all names and variations of Satan’ means “TRUTH” in Sanskrit, which is one of the worlds oldest languages], is to advance our souls and to empower ourselves. Meaningless crap such as references to certain ‘morality’ and ‘personal conduct’ should be weeded out as dross. These in truth have nothing whatsoever to do with obtaining the powers of the mind and soul. Knowledge and application of that knowledge is the only key.

“Right up to the thirteenth century, Yantra-Tantra practises thrived on a widespread basis in the whole of Eastern India. In the Thirteenth century, muslim invaders destroyed the famed universities and centres of learning of Yantra-Tantra and ruined thousands of volumes of literature in the form of books, manuscripts and icons. People practising the art of Yantra-Tantra were massacred and those who were able to save their lives escaped to South India, Assam and countries like Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Ceylon and Java. In more recent times, the Chinese invaders who plundered Tibet further destroyed the monasteries and literature of Yantra-Tantra.”

Reference: Power of Mantra and Yantra by P. Khurrana

As we can easily see from the above excerpt, Christianity and Islam are nothing more than formidable tools to destroy all true spirituality and replace it with false imposter lies and corruptions. Much has been destroyed. Satan leads us to the truth through our own study and through opening our souls and minds.


Mankind’s original religion

Religion comes from the Latin: Religare. Which means “union.”

The primordial Tradition was called Sanatana Dharma the core symbol of which is the eight ray sun or wheel of Dharma. This eight fold symbol is the eight fold path of Union [Yoga]. Yoga and Dharma mean the same thing. Yoga is another term for Dharma. And here we see the origin of Religion it means Union.

Yoga equals 13 in Sanskrit numerology which is the proper number of steps in the Magnum Opus. The perfection of the 13 major energy centers of which the 8 fold wheel or star is a map of. 

The next Question is Union of what?

“Verse 129 implies that the ultimate [ here Siva] is of the nature of Cosmic Space[Akasa or Void] and the essence of Jiva lies in the self-same Space in microcosmic condition.”

The Union is the individual when they merge the body and soul into one force by the spirit or serpent of fire. Which generates the Yogic body of fire which frees it from impurities [sins in some texts] of the material elements and refines the material body together with the soul as the dross is purified out refining the material aspect back to the primordial ether that forms the core of all the elements at all levels and uniting it with the soul made of the same element. Making the Jiva into Siva or as the Tantra states the Second Siva. 

Since Siva [God] is the element of Akasa when one unifies the body and soul into Siva [Si=A and Va =U the final result of union the holistic being that comes from this]. They have obtained Union with God as we see God is this force, Akasa. Which is how one becomes immortal they are made out of the one element that is not subject to the lower sphere of time the gross material elements are. This is why Siva is the destroyer of Time. And his worship is the inner fire of Kundalini. The force which perfects the soul. 

This is done by the 8 fold path. The symbol of which is that of Union as mentioned above:

The symbol of Dharma is a wheel with eight spokes. But what we are looking at is the circle [outer wheel] which represents the perfected life force and is traditionally represented as golden serpent [ Anahat] clutching it own tail. Within the 8 pointed star and the hub of the wheel being the bindu point with the larger outer wheel actually being the greater circle. The glyph for the sun, the gold in the work. So within this symbol we have the union of the masculine and feminine as well. The Great Work. And eight being a symbol and number for perfected life. Eight is the number of Mercury which is called Akasa in the East as well.

This is why in numerology we start at 0 not 1. Zero is the symbol of the ether or void literally nothing that everything comes from. Hence you got zero means nothing to this day. 

The AUM glyph contains within its self the glyph of the Phi circle which forms the solar bindu and is a perfect 360 circle that adds into 9 the number of Siva and immortality. Which is depicted as a serpent swallowing its own tail. This solar circle is also the glyph for Akasa. And AUM the name of God is the cosmology of that force. That generates and unifies the soul into the Akasa. Or God. 

Aum Cosmology:

The Eastern texts state that any religion not based on the 8 fold path is false as it does not produce the Union. Spiritual Satanism and I state this not lightly. Is the only actual religion on planet earth. And even the original title Sanat-ana Dharma. Holds the name of our God Satan [Sanat is an anagram of Satan]. Spiritual Satanism is the original and only religion of humanity. This is why when it ruled the records mention a time of Golden races. Siva=Gold.

Siva is one of many titles but each title of our God in the symbolic holds the same meaning. And they all go back to Sanat:

The Supreme God:

Primordial Buddhism:

Siva [Sanat] in the Tamil texts was stated to have ruled the Golden Age.

The First Sangam was headquartered in a city named Tenmadurai. It had 549 members “beginning, with Agattiyanar[the sage Agastaya]… Among others were God Siva of braided air… Murugan the hill God, and Kubera the Lord of Treasure.”

“The Vedic God Rudra-Siva, Lord of Yoga, Siva’s primary attribute is gnosis-or knowledge-and that whether in south India or the Himalayas he is associated with a cult of esoteric knowledge that is said to have been carried down from before the flood.”

The date of the first Sangam [or 9800 BC or 9400 BC] is close with Plato’s date for the sinking of Atlantis 9600 BC [11,600 years ago].

“Kumarai Nadu that once stretched across the Pacific Ocean, most of this primeval continent sank to the bottom of the ocean except for those parts of it that became islands, such as Sri Lanka, the paradise currently recognized by much of the Arab world as not part of the primal Garden, but the Garden of Edin (Edin means abode of the Gods in English). Melek Ta’us is worshipped by the Sri Lankans as Murrugan and center in English means “Place of the Peacock.” EA is the God who breathed the breathe of life [soul] into Adamu in Edin in the Sumerian originals. Murrugan is Siva in the Tantra its his most ancient form. The reborn eternal youth of light. The symbol of the Magnun Opus or Union. 



Origins of Satanism

The Origins of Satanism

Satanism is not a Christian invention

Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions

Satanism is not about spooks, goblins, vampires, Halloween monsters or other related entities

Satanism is not about “evil”

Satanism is not an invention of, or a “reaction” to Christianity

Satanism is not a creation of Anton LaVey

Satanism is not about death

True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity to reach equality with the Gods, which was our True Creator (Satan’s) intention


-SATAN From “Peace Be Unto Him”

Due to centuries of misinformation, lies, and the systematic removal of knowledge, few people these days understand or even know what “Satanism” really is all about.

Christianity has been at liberty to dictate without any opposition, what they CLAIM Satanism to be. In order to accomplish this, the truth had to be destroyed. The Catholic Church (the original Christian Church, from which all Christian sects have evolved), heinously tortured to death and mass-murdered millions of innocent men, women and children in what was known as “The Inquisition.” Some children who were burnt to death in what were known as “witch houses” were as young as two years of age.¹

Christians forever rant and rave concerning the “one world order” where all identities, cultures, personal privacies, and liberties will be lost and humanity, after being systematically bar-coded, will be lumped into a one-world slave state. What they fail to see is how their own so-called “religion” and bible have always been and are the roots of and blueprint for this regime. Everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible has been stolen and corrupted from religions predating Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from hundreds to thousands of years. Through Judaism and its tool of Christianity, all of the original spiritual teachings from around the world, (which are CONCEPTS) have been stolen from, lumped together into the “one,” and corrupted into Jewish archetypes and characters and fictitious places. This has given the Jewish people as a whole a false history, political power and “spiritual” authority to which they are not entitled.

The bible is a very powerful subliminal tool to control the masses. One can see this is a man-made work as there are endless contradictions. The bible has been systematically drummed into the minds of the populace from a very early age. A lie must always be enforced as opposed to the truth which can stand on its own. Because spiritual knowledge and occult power have been removed and kept in the hands of a “chosen” few, the unknowing populace has been helpless against it. The agenda here is to create a one-world slave state with the “chosen” few ruling at the top.

The perpetrators of course blame Satan to create a necessary distraction, while they use occult power to accomplish their ends. They have a history of stealing from and blaming their enemies for everything they really are and do, while always holding themselves in the highest esteem and innocence.

The original religions now known as “Satanism” (by the way, “Satan” means “enemy” in Hebrew), were all based upon what is known as the “Magnum Opus” or Great Work. The one known as “Satan” is our True Creator God. He was prevented by the other Gods from finishing his work on humanity, that of the godhead. The godhead is physical and spiritual perfection. Now, if you continue to read on, I will prove this.

Nearly all of us are familiar with the term “fallen.” This word has been used copiously by Christian clergy to refer to Satan and his Demons. In truth, “fallen” pertains to the kundalini serpent (which has always been associated with our Creator God Satan), which has fallen in humanity as a whole and now lies dormant at the base of the spine. Because of this, humanity as a whole is on a very low level of spiritual understanding. Thoughtless abuses of children and animals, senseless wars, brutality and endless corruption are the results of the fallen serpent.

The serpent is what empowers the soul, bringing the all-knowing state of super consciousness known as “samadhi.” The “Sun-God” in truth is the ball of condensed chi (bioelectricity), which is visualized and circulated through each of the chakras (Gods) to empower and cleanse the soul, using specific meditations. This is stage one of the Magnum Opus.

The stolen accounts in the Judeo-Christian Bible of humans living for hundreds of years or more were taken from the objective of the Magnum Opus. This is where all so-called “witchcraft” leads to- alchemy of the soul. This is the highest and most profound working of the human mind, that of accomplishing the godhead of which is our birthright given to us from our Creator Satan.

The halo seen in many paintings is the witchpower of the risen kundalini. The Christians stole this concept from the original religions, both east and west. The Buddha is seen with a halo as are many of the Hindu Gods for one example.

The era in which the original religions reigned was known as the “Golden Age.” Some 10,000 years ago, the Gods left us. This article is not to go into the details as to how or why. This will be covered in a separate article. The Gods are an extraterrestrial race of beings. As a matter of fact, there have been several different alien races that have lived here on planet Earth, and have taken an interest in human beings, either as friends, enemies, or neutrals.

The main Gods who interacted with humanity and are our creators (through genetic engineering) are the race of Gods known as the Nordics. They live throughout the galaxy in several different solar systems. They are highly advanced in knowledge, intelligence, and in spirit. Some are helpful to humans as are Satan and the Elder Gods who have been labeled as “Demons.” Some are neutral and others are and have been working for our destruction. The background concerning the creation can be found in more detail in separate articles on this website. There has been a war over humanity in which Satan and his Demons wish to give us the knowledge to elevate ourselves to spiritual and physical perfection, while the enemy wishes to keep us spiritually ignorant in order to use our life force (souls) as a free energy supply.

In many writings of a spiritual or occult nature, the term “God” or “Gods” was also used to describe the seven chakras. Due to centuries of persecution of those who had spiritual knowledge, doctrines contained many allegories and code words. The number “seven” is repeated endlessly in the Judeo/Christian bible. This is a corruption of the seven chakras of the soul.

The number four was stolen and corrupted in the Judeo/Christian Bible as with the number seven, the most blatant example being the four gospels.

The Tarot, which originated in Egypt and is based upon the constellations (Egypt was the center of Spiritual Alchemy) has evolved into a deck of cards, of which modern playing cards originated after the trump was discarded. The Tarot has a hidden message and instructions for performing the Magnum Opus. From the Tarot, the Jewish invented “Torah” was stolen, with the original teachings being thoroughly corrupted. The Jewish “Torah” is also known as “The Five Books of Moses” (another fictitious Jewish character based upon Sargon and Thutmose) or the “Pentateuch.” The five books were rip-offs from the five suits of the Tarot: Wands/Rods (the element of fire), Pentacles/Coins (the element of earth), Cups (the element of water) and Swords (the element of air), with the trump being the aether or quintessence. All five elements form the essence of the human soul (the fifth element of quintessence holds the four together) and are employed in the working of the Magnum Opus.

Each of the Jewish characters and archetypes in the Bible are imposters stolen from Pagan Gods. “Jesus” is NOT a real being, but a CONCEPT. For those deluded Christians who believe they have experienced “Jesus” in reality, they are communing with nefarious extraterrestrial beings. Aleister Crowley while in a trance state, drew a picture of what is known to be “Jehova” (a corruption of“YHVH” another rip-off of the four quarters and elements, making the ‘name’ pronouncable) and drew a grey. At that time, knowledge of ET’s was not widespread and photos of them were non-existent. These same beings are said to have made a deal with the Vatican: souls in exchange for wealth and power in the hands of a few. To accomplish this end, all spiritual knowledge had to be removed. No scam can succeed if the victim has knowledge. In order to be effectively victimized, one must be unknowing. Satan is the bringer of knowledge and enlightenment. He has nothing to hide.

Getting back to the nazarene, the crucifix of which I might add was not seen in any place of worship until after the ninth century and is another rip-off of the four quarters, the Jewish archetype “Jesus/Yeshua” is a CONCEPT. The 33 years he was said to have lived represent the 33 vertebrae of the human spine of which the kundalini ascends. The crucifixion symbolizes the Magnum Opus: the torture, the death, and the resurrection. Origins that symbolize this work include the Egyptian phoenix (born again from the ashes), the Egyptian God Set, who was crucified on a furka, the tale of Isis and Osiris, where Osiris was mutilated into some nine parts and was resurrected by Isis.

The Jewish “Virgin Mary” is a corrupted imposter of Astaroth. Michael the archangel is the same and was stolen from Marduk. Archangel “Gabriel” was stolen from the Egyptian God Thoth, Raphael was stolen from Azazel and Uriel from Beelzebub. Again, another rip-off of the four quarters.

For further information, links are provided at the bottom of this article.

Human sexuality has always been severely regulated and frowned upon by the Christian Church. This is because sexuality and orgasm as the life force are essential to spiritual advancement and the raising of the kundalini serpent. Because the church could not supervise sexual activity, they enforced a doctrine of extreme terror. The populace, stripped of all knowledge and spiritual power (ignorance= fear) fell victim to lies. “Hell” emerged on the scene. The word “Hell” was stolen from the Norse word “Hel” representing the Norse underworld. In truth, “Heaven” and “Hell” are code-words for the base and crown chakras. Every attempt was made by the church to replace any spiritual associations with these numbers and any significant numbers that were related to the human soul such as 144,000, which is the number of nadis within the human body to channel the life force. The number two became synonymous with Satan. The second chakra is sexual in nature and controls human sexuality, so of course any association with two was evil. Blockages in the second chakra keep an individual completely enslaved spiritually as the life force remains completely dormant in the first chakra.

With fear, human beliefs and thoughts can be controlled. Humanity was led to believe this omnipresent and “all-powerful” “God” could know their every little thought and action. Through fear, people began to monitor their own thoughts and actions. The seven sacraments (another rip-off of the seven chakras) of the Catholic Church enforced strict control over every stage of an individual’s life. The most control was exercised through the so-called “sacrament” of “confession.” Through confession, the church had even more control, that of knowing the deepest secrets of the frightened population. This enabled the ruling clergy to have power over kings, queens and other secular monarchy.

Satan tells us in the Black Book (The Al Jilwah), that many writings and texts have been altered. Upon researching the origins of various myths and religions, I find many authors are at a disagreement, both religious and secular. This is due to the Christian Church’s systematic destruction and removal of ancient knowledge. To make matters worse, many of the remaining original documents that escaped destruction have been altered.

The Gods left us the truth, inscribed in stone. The pyramids (the pyramids are in the shape of the chakras) have stood against time. It is apparent these ancient monoliths were constructed for future humanity, left to us by the Gods who knew of our fate. These monuments speak for themselves. They were built to reflect the movements of the stars and act as a calendar for beginning the all-important work of the Magnum Opus. The Magnum Opus is normally commenced in the spring, when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, which is known as the “Vernal Equinox.” The precise time for beginning this work is at 3 am, which is the hour of Satan. This is the true hour. The fictitious nazarene was said to have perished at 3 pm. 3 pm is actually 15:00, not three and is thus false.

The “Horned God” originates to Sumeria. The Sumerian Gods wore headgear with horns. This predates Judeo/Christianity by thousands of years. Pagan religions were known for their worship of the Horned God. Only with the coming of Christianity, were they repeatedly stamped out, but continued to resurface and survive. Again, the Horned God was maligned and labeled as “evil.

The carvings and the hieroglyphics on the Temple walls and the pyramids still remain with us today, as evidence of the truth for those who have enough spiritual knowledge to interpret them. This is why the Gods imprinted these into stone. Satanism is based upon the Magnum Opus. All of the Satanic symbols, the emphasis on witchcraft and knowledge; all of these represent the achievement of the godhead. The Magnum Opus is what Satanism is all about: humanity reaching physical and spiritual perfection.

Devil worship

This article is not a commentary upon current ideologies, terms and reactions of which the above terms are now consumed. Nor it is a commentary upon biological sex and the Communistic ideologies around it with plague our society. The concepts within transcend all such profane, interpretations. And are based upon an eternal Cosmology.

The worship of the serpent is the oldest religion on earth its documented to be over 70,000 years old. Before it was a man or woman upon the cross or tree[ as Inanna hung on the pole.] It was a serpent hung upon the tree or cross. And resurrected three days later. Hence why the Pagan, solar God is called the Good or Shining Serpent. Such as the Agathodaemon. A title of our God:

The term Devil is documented to come from the Sanskrit: Devi . As Sanskrit is the root of all Indo-European languages. And the portrayal of the Devil as the serpent is apt as the final proof of this. In the ancient world the Devi [Goddess] represents the serpent power. It was custom from Egypt and on, to depict the serpent in the hieroglyph form of a women. Eve also means serpent. In the East there are images of a naked women, under a tree holding an apple as the symbol of the Magnum Opus.

This is why the sacred serpent, Sophia was depicted as female. Even the Templar sign of the Magnum Opus was the lady Sophia holding the books of life with the sacred ladder in front of her. The Baphomet [of which Baphomet means Sophia in the Templar cipher] head of the Templars that was found. Show it to be made of silver and to be the head of a women [Virgo the Virgin] with red and white silk cloth tried together. Within the head is the Templar code of M58 which means perfected life. As shown the Templar’s where of the Pagan religion and from the Druidic Priest families.

The Satanic [Pagan] Templars:

Within the Pagan Cosmology we see that Devi is the Logos. Shakti [Devi] is the sound and Siva the form the sound takes.

“Kundalini i[the serpent power] is in the form of the 50 Matrika.” Gayatri tantra.

It becomes the form of Siva in the conscious and its form.

The body of the Devi is the 50 petals of the serpentine centers which form the soul. The Panchashanmatrika the 50 sound bija’s or sound forms. Which arise out of the Pranava [Logos] AUM. In the East we see that the eternal consort of the God is UMA born out of the God’s left side in many cases. Left being of the feminine [Devi] polarity. UMA is an anagram of AUM. Which shows us that Devi is the Logos.

Ma which is feminine and still the root of mother in our language is the origin of Mantra. As this power acts upon the Devi aspect which rules it.

“Mantrika is living power and in the form of mantra.” Kamadhenu tantra

Our term of the Left and Right hand path come from the ancient Vedic East. Today its confused to the point of being meaningless. Originally upon the right side of the altar was the image of the sun and upon the left the Pole Star. The Uraeus crown of the Pharaoh has the Pole Star symbol upon it right below the serpent upon the front of the third eye. The Pole star is the symbol of the serpent and Meru or spinal column of which the 50 petals of the Devi exist. Hence: Isis Meru. The Iss rune is of the Pole star. Literally, Meru the Mount Meru axis of the spinal column. The sacred tree in many places was also called Asherah after her for this reason. As symbolically Astaroth represented the Sophia [light of the serpent] or yin aspect of the soul in the ancient world. That rises up the spine to illuminate one to their rebirth or gnosis.

The Sun in Egypt is also shown which the sacred serpent emerging from within it.

Hence why in ancient Hermetic texts the image of the being holding forth both right and left hand was depicted

And why the serpent and sun where also shown together. Even the ancient word for sun being Sunake. The sun is the masculine principal the form of the sound. The sound is the Female principal. When the kundalini is risen transforming the being along with the serpentine centers being perfected. The form of the Devata is produced. There is no difference between the right and left one is form and the other the sound or energy that creates the form. When the sound is perfected to the higher octave the Divine or Devata form is generated. And the being becomes the manifested, Perfected form. They obtain the immortal Ra-inbow body.

We also see the Devi from Kundry of the Grail mythos to Kali or Sekhmet to the Gorgo of primordial Greece, or the Valkyrie in the image of the all consuming serpentine fire of the final dissolution [black stage] of the Great Work across the world. Even within the flood tale. Water is feminine in element. [Hence also the reasons for the numerous relation of the fish images and Mermaid, the serpent power.] From the serpentine fire is the final divine form generated just as a diamond is generated by heat, from a lump of coal. As mentioned with this the purification of the body of gross elements into the solar body of the Devata.

Worship in the ancient world meant workship. Hence why the Tantric initiate worship involved them visualizing themselves as the yantra of the Ishadevata while installing into themselves all the proper mantra’s, pranayama’s, banda’s, mundra’s and asana’s of which maithuna the union of the energies of the soul take place. The Tantra came down from the Veda period via the Puranic into the later medieval period. Hence it carries the original essence of the ancient teachings and practices. Evola states in “Introduction to Magic.” The spiritual practices in Mithraism are identical to those of Tantric [Kundalini] Yoga systems of the East.

The worship of the Devil was the empowering of the serpentine energy of the soul, via the above methods that made up the original 8 fold path which survived in the Tantra. The eight on its side is the symbol of infinity and eternal life. Hence why the serpent, Agathodaemon in many images is shown with its lower body in the shape of the infinity symbol of the eight on its side. With its head raised with a halo around it.

The empowering of this serpentine or Devi energy, which forms the light of the soul. Generates the Devata the perfected divine form and brings one to the Great Perfection and into eternal life. This is where more then likely the origin of the Christian belief that worship of the Devil gives one supernormal powers. Which in reality are the Siddhi’s or supernormal abilities that manifest as part of the Magnum Opus. When the souls transformation into the Devata form via the Devi [serpent] power.

Sat-An also means: Shining Serpent also within this meaning is another:Perfected Life. Sat illuminated and An is the prefix of Ananta which is the serpentine, golden ouroboros in the east and means: Eternity. As its the archetypal symbol of the magnum opus. The symbol of the Gold.

The name of the Devata is ‘Mantra’.
Devata the perfected sound and form.

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Secrets of the Serpent, Philip Gardiner

Spiritual Satanism

Spiritual Satanism, like “Traditional Satanism,” differs from LaVeyan Satanism. We are aware of the existence of Satan/Lucifer as an actual being. We are not atheists! In spite of major discrepancies, the Church of Satan, founded 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, presently takes an atheistic stance as far as external deities are concerned, and views Satan as only an “archetype.”

In light of new knowledge based upon hundreds of hours of intense and in-depth research, we have discovered the following:

  1. Satan is our True Creator God.

“YHVH” otherwise known as “Jehova” by the deluded, is a false entity. “YHVH” stands for the four elements and corners in the popular Jewish systems of magick that are available to the public.

  1. The character “Jesus Christ” is fictitious and was stolen from some 18+ Pagan legends of a God hanging from a tree, such as Odin, then being resurrected, and is another description of the alchemical operation of transforming the soul- death and then resurrection.

The nazarene is and has never been anything more than a tool to remove all true spiritual knowledge and disarm the populace of their spiritual powers. Humanity has paid to the tune of trillions upon trillions of dollars, and with sickness, misery, and suffering due to the removal of this knowledge. Spiritual knowledge was systematically destroyed, twisted, and corrupted to SPIRITUALLY AND FINANCIALLY ENSLAVE US ALL. By force-feeding the populace that the Nazarene is a real entity, those at the top have maintained control and have reaped untold wealth and power.

  1. True Satanism preceded Christianity by thousands of years and is based upon total transformation of the soul. Christians are deluded into “accepting Jesus Christ” and “living saved” which is all false. Everything in the Christian religion is false and we prove this beyond all doubts. The Christian “saved” hoax is based upon stolen and corrupted knowledge of alchemy, where one truly works spiritually to transform one’s soul into godhead.

Many Traditional Satanists worship Satan/Lucifer. Some acknowledge him as a friend and do not worship. We respect individuality and personal choices. One’s relationship with Satan/Lucifer is up to the individual, as Satanism values free thought and individuality.

Satan is the bringer of knowledge. The goal of Spiritual Satanism is to apply this knowledge and transform our souls into godhead, as was originally intended by our Creator God Satan.

Unlike most religions, Spiritual Satanism encourages one to question everything. Being one’s personal best and exceeding limitations are the essence of Spiritual Satanism and this begins with using one’s brains to their maximum potential.

Spiritual Satanism does not in any way conflict with science. We strongly encourage and support all scientific knowledge and enquiry. We are well aware humanity is dangerously behind in scientific knowledge and understanding due to centuries of oppression by Christianity. We believe that all spiritual and paranormal phenomena can be scientifically explained in a rational manner; scientific knowledge has not yet progressed far enough to comprehend or explain much of the so-called “supernatural.”

There are no mediators in Spiritual Satanism. We strongly encourage our people to interact one on one with Satan. The ministry is here for guidance and support only. One’s relationship with Satan is between that individual and Satan. We take the stance of “responsibility to the responsible.” We place no limitations on knowledge or personal power and do everything we can to make all knowledge available to EVERYONE- not just a select few who are a self-appointed “elite” as with other religions. Satan encourages self-study, learning, direct experience.

Most Spiritual Satanists make a commitment to Satan. The commitment is very important because Satan protects us as we work to advance our powers. Those who go it alone or without any spiritual protection often meet with disaster. Once one makes a commitment, Demons often guide us and work with us to help us advance. Unlike right hand path religions, Spiritual Satanism encourages action. Satan wants his people to live life to the fullest and to evolve.

Satan is always there for us, but as we progress, he expects us to handle things, as we are able to, for ourselves, using our own powers. Christianity and its cohorts deliberately make cripples out of people. Christians forever rave about how their Nazarene has healed people. These people remain as slaves because they are never taught how to, nor are they required to heal themselves or others. The Nazarene archetype stands for slavery, servitude, and enduring endless abuse in order to program humanity to be the perfect slaves in a new world order. The Nazarene places total emphasis on the “afterlife” in order to create the mindset that the life we are now living does not matter. This frame of mind is essential for enduring all kinds of abuse for the benefit of a few.

“It has served us well, this myth of Christ”

-Pope Leo X (1475-1521)

As for the so-called “miracles” connected with Christianity, any healings have been very few and far in-between. These are also based upon allegories related to transforming one’s soul. Any human being with spiritual knowledge and power can accomplish all of the feats attributed to the nazarene in the bible, and more. Most Christians are unaware that they are dealing with nefarious aliens (enemy Nordics also known as “angels” and greys), who put up a show every now and then to give credibility to the lie. With the New Age practitioners, many call upon angels for assistance and learn nothing. The same theme of human ignorance and powerlessness prevails. Satan/Lucifer is the True Creator God of, and the great liberator of humanity. He does not fear humans having spiritual power and knowledge because he is truthful and has nothing to hide.

Satan gives us the knowledge to become independent and free. He directs us to be masters of our own lives and destinies. Satan and his Demons are always there to help us when there are things we cannot yet handle.

Satan keeps his promises; he is consistent and loving with his own. Satan stands for freedom, strength, power, and justice. Satan shows us it is NOT OK for us to take abuse. He shows us that we are deserving of pleasure, happiness and a better life. He created us through genetic engineering, the same as scientists are now creating clones and working with genetics, but only on a much more advanced level.

Many people disregard so-called “occult” power, they do not take it seriously or are otherwise completely ignorant concerning it. The truth is, occult power has been in the hands of a few for centuries. Christianity has been their tool for removing this knowledge from the populace.

Following the removal of knowledge, a fictitious past was invented to keep people from knowing the truth. People who do not understand or are unfamiliar with these skills are at the mercy of those who have them and who are adept at using them. Thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt, this power was well known and most of the populace knew how to use it. With the arrival of Judeo/Christianity and Islam, knowledge was systematically destroyed wherever it was found.

Cities, libraries, and any other sources of knowledge were destroyed in an attempt to annihilate all knowledge of the Original Gods [who are extraterrestrials] and the powers of the human soul. The Gods who interacted with, intermarried or befriended humanity were cursed and banished.

Humanity has been cut off from our True Creator God Satan and has devolved ever since. The abuse of children, animals, careless destruction and disregard for the environment, the earth, and other living creatures are some of the effects of spiritual degeneration. Thousands of years ago, long before the coming of Judeo/Christianity, humans lived side by side with the Gods in the era known as “The Golden Age.”

Satan is the Sumerian God known as “EA” or “ENKI.” He is a GOD, not an angel! He has been denigrated and slandered through the centuries with falsehoods and lies. Most people do not know Satan. They believe everything they are told about him without question. Fear is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries to keep humanity away from Satan.

Satan is the most brilliant and powerful of the Gods. He is symbolized by the Water Bearer of the sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, technology and genius. One of Satan’s numbers is 11.

Satan/Enki established the Ancient Egyptian Order of the Serpent, also known as “The Brotherhood of the Snake.” Through the millennia, the teachings have been corrupted and no longer resemble the original doctrines. This Order was to bring humanity godly knowledge and power and to complete the Great Work of transforming our souls. This knowledge has been kept in the hands of a few and abused to the detriment of us all under the direction of the enemy gods. People are told if they are given this power, they will abuse it. This is another lie created and spread by those who deliberately use these powers for nefarious ends under the direction of the enemy extraterrestrials masquerading as “jehova” and company. To reveal these well-kept secrets to the average person would assure that those in control would no longer retain their power.

The Gods are an extra-terrestrial humanoid race of beings. In the Christian bible, they are referred to as the “Nephilim.” These beings are very evolved, highly advanced, and immensely knowledgable and powerful. They genetically modified their DNA, so they do not age.

In the Simon version of the Necronomicon (this book is based upon Mesopotamian/Sumerian mythology, even though classified as a work of fiction), the phrase: “When the Great Bear hangs low in the sky” refers to the constellation Ursa Major, part of the Big Dipper. When the planets align a certain way, it opens up a travel line for space travelers. People are always looking to the sky for when the Gods will return.

Humanity’s sole purpose was for use as slave laborers in the mines for the Nephilim. We were to be destroyed after the gold mining project was completed. Satan, along with many of the Nephilim fathered children with human mothers. These offspring were known as “Demi-Gods.”

Satan is incredibly strong, brilliant, and powerful. He refused to admit defeat. He lost a battle, but not the war. SATAN/LUCIFER STANDS FOR FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY!


Yes. He interacts with his Disciples and followers. Many of us have seen him, we have witnessed the so-called supernatural, and we have been given abilities way beyond that of the average person. When we ask, we get answers. Unlike other religions, where followers have to go searching for their gods, Satan/Lucifer comes to us. He lets us know of his presence.

Demons, as opposed to all of the Christian lies, are friends of humanity. Demons, who are the Original Gods, give us much individual attention and protection, once a strong and trusted relationship is established. When we are close to, and under the protection of Satan, he gives us good Demons to work with. Their Sigils contain very important designs of alchemical symbols related to the opening of the soul.

Satan is not “evil,” nor is Satan responsible for the multitude of illnesses, diseases, or anything else that afflicts humanity. These afflictions are due to the removal and destruction of ancient knowledge that was replaced with the Christianity programs.

Satanism stands for the balance of spirituality with technology. Without this balance, civilizations eventually collapse.

“Hell” is not a burning lake of fire. Hell is not inside the Earth, as some foolish Christians claim in order to frighten people. The Christian concept of Hell is very ludicrous. Some of us, who are close to Satan, have seen “Hell.” We all seem to have had the same experiences. Some places in Hell are dark and illuminated by a blue light, and in other places, there is daylight. One of Lucifer’s colors is blue and Demons often appear with a blue light. Blue is a very spiritual color. I saw people sitting around a table in a bar in Hell, playing cards. The room was smoke filled, these people, already being dead, could smoke to their hearts content. These people were in spirit form. Some visit the earth to help humans who are on the Left Hand Path. This is where Satan keeps his own people until we can reincarnate and evolve into godhead.

“Hell” and the “Lower world” are also allegories for the three lower chakras; “Hell” representing the base chakra. The reason for this is the fiery kundalini serpent lies coiled beneath the base chakra and when roused, it can be scorching hot.

As opposed to hysterical Christian claims, Satanism is not in any way about blood sacrifice. All kinds of murder and living blood sacrifices can be seen all throughout the Judeo/Christian bible. The serpent/snake, which symbolizes Satan, represents the kundalini at the base of the spine, also the DNA. The serpent represents life. When this force is activated, we are healed and enlightened.

What now? – High Priest Don Danko

What Now?

Life In The Jew World Order

Something a lot of people note is the level of stupidity in our society. However I don’t believe people are naturally stupid. But what we are seeing is the environment effects of society and its not in many cases stupidity more then general apathy.

Our world is under a Jewish spell and it goes across so many level a book would be needed to document them all. Let us look at a few.

Our school system is designed by the enemy Jews from the churches to the Jewish oligarchies like Rockefellers. To create the same system we have in religion. Shutting down the centers of consciousness that rule personality and creative thinking. It teaches pointless loads of garbage in a garbage in, garbage out model. What to think always. Never how to think. And its designed to run contrary to how the human mind actual works and learns information. They make people neurotic with low self esteem on purpose. Which creates a cycle of personal misery for all trapped in its system. Some are too dull to pick up on it. Others are not.

School is not about the Pagan model of creating a spiritually enlightened being. But a dronetard, that will sit in a box or work in a line putting things in a box. With a mind in box with a kosher tax seal on it. Its made to create the conditions to maintain this Jewish, neo-feudal, globalist regime. Keeping the Goyium on the most bestial level of consciousness.

People are eating processed Franken foods that dull the mind and numb the nervous system. And many are under the spell of enemy religion. The whole effect of the Jewish created propaganda sphere has terra formed the human races that built great civilizations and come from Gods, into dulled down, zombies.

When they get sick from such and the environmental pollution of Jewish owned global corporations. They are purposely given medicine they can’t afford that does not work but keeps them alive enough to clean out their families pockets. And in many cases makes them worse. This is the same medical system that prescribed cigarettes which killed half a million Americans a year alone. Which is great for the Jew run medical-pharmaceutical complex. Give them all kinds of cancers with the so called cigarette cure. The Jewish created and run FDA exists to keep cancer cures out of business so the Jew can keep doing criminal business.

How much pollution and war and exploitive regimes could be avoided if the Jews had not crushed Free Energy for a century so they could create fossil empire and dominate the world with controlling resources. Starting with Tesla who they ran out of town for creating Free Energy for the world even automobiles and further forced into utter poverty and social rejection when he refused to build massive terror weapons that could murder millions of innocent humans for Big Jew. In the end Tesla was murdered with his dreams stolen and broken by Jews like so many billions of humans on this world.

Our society within this has been designed by Jews to exhaust and rob people by keeping them in a constant struggle just for survival daily. The money is gone as fast as the paycheck is issued and the debts and cost of living always rise. Keeping the Goyium in the hamster wheel of a socially Darwinistic struggle to just exist. At the end of the day if they still have a place to live. Many just flop on the chair and barely have energy to turn on the tv. Which just numbs them and programs them further.

This social order traumatizes people in so many ways due to its Kosher toxicity so many turn to drugs to escape the boredom and meaningless of life. Some just want to escape the pain in their life and feel something blissful for awhile and forget life in the Jew World Order. These people many times become desperate addicts who resort to sleeping in the streets and selling their bodies for survival and drugs. With the neurotic self esteem issues created in people by the Jewish propaganda causes this. We this effect in people cling desperately to the superficial and fake lives of celebrities. Wishing to be anyone but who they are. Self worth becomes about consumption and material possessions. The highest goal is being on TV and Movies or singing with auto tune on a music video. All this which assign the sole value of personal worth. Meanwhile in the most wealthiest nations on earth. People who worked their whole lives are living in tents and sewers. No one cares why should they? They are the wretched who have nothing left and are not on tv or a music video. A nation cannot survive that forgets its own humanity and leaves its own people to die in filth and despair. The Jewish effect is in full gear.

Everyday tens of thousands of children die from starvation across the planet in nations that produce enough to feed everyone. This Jew World Order system steals the food and life right out the hands of children and the old alike. And leaves them to die in garbage as garbage.

How many innocent people watched their whole families murdered and raped by Islamist’s death squads created by the Jew World Order out of Israel, Washington and Saudi Arabia. In the war that started against the People of Syria. Whole towns where wiped out. At this point over a 150,000 are dead. What about the 160 million are more people killed by Jewish created and run Communist regimes. The tens of millions killed in two World Wars stated by the Jew World Order. The same Jews who are now marching the world into a third World War. To create a global slave state.

People are made to feel so powerless and demoralized they just sink into apathy and put their head down and just try to survive in the increasing bestial struggle of existence as the Jews suck the life and happiness out of the world. People in many countries die daily from wars and famines caused by the Jew World Order control systems. The Jews create these systems and prop up the foulest tyrants to oversee the exploitation and brutalization of whole populations. The never ending cycle of war, revolution, poverty and misery. Has left many people regretting they where born a human being. Which is what the Jews want.

Everyday thousands of people hang themselves, shoot themselves and throw themselves in front of trains, from roof tops and find numerous other ways to murder themselves. Rather then live another day in the misery of what the Jew World Order has made life for Gentiles.

This will continue. As it has continued. So what is going to stop it? You are going to stop this and so I am and the next loyal comrade who has pledged their dedication to the eternal order of Truth and life.

We must keep on the struggle of life in a world of Jewish created death and misery. The Jew World Order is collapsing more and more due to the efforts of so many for so long. But if we do not do our part now and tomorrow and the next day and on. Then the lives of so many comrades who struggled thought out time. Will be lost. The lives of so many innocent humans robbed by the Jew World Order will never have justice.

Do you think humans are garbage who deserve to live and die in garbage?

The Jew has stolen everything humanity needs to spiritually and materially advance and be happy.

So now the time has come for the time is now it always is. To take part in the rituals to undo the enemy power grid that has created this system and keeps it going. The equinox rituals HPS Maxine has put up with the direction of Hell must be done. Its the key to ending that which is wrong in the world.

Truth about the Talmud

“Jesus Christ,” “Christians,” and “Christianity” are hardly ever mentioned in the Talmud, despite the mistranslations that are available to the deluded Christians who believe that the Talmud is a conspiracy against Christ and Christianity. The truth is that the Talmud IS a conspiracy, but, it is a conspiracy against the Pagan [Gentile] peoples of the world. Despite the fuss that the Christians have made for centuries about passages in the Talmud that allegedly blaspheme Christ, the Jesus of Nazareth character is supposedly mentioned only once in the later editions of the Talmud, and he is cited: “I have come not to destroy the Law of Moses.” (Matthew 5:17)

There is nothing anti-Christian about Christ in the Talmud. However, clueless members of the Christian faith insist that the Talmud contains numerous blasphemous references to Jesus, and the Christian “religion.” The truth is that “Jesus” and “Yeshua” were very common Jewish names during the era when Christ’s fictitious life was supposed to take place. Some sources say that the references to a man named “Jesus” or “Yeshua” existed around either 100 B.C.E. or 100 C.E., which according to Christian tradition, is not the birthdate of the Jesus of the gospels.

Many Jews do not believe in Jesus the Christ because they know that he is fictitious and that they invented this Jewish character for the Gentiles to grovel before as worthless “sinners,” and to prepare them for the coming of the official Jewish Messiah who unites all of the Jews in the world, brings judgment and damnation upon the Aryan peoples, and enslaves the rest of Gentile humanity.

Since the Jews concocted the Christian “religion” by stealing from the Aryan Pagans of the time from all around the world, Christianity’s Christ, although Jewish by race, was given phony Gentile features in order to wreak havoc on the collective unconscious of the Gentiles.  Today, there are Jews who claim to be out to “destroy” Christianity and replace it with Global Communism.  If there is even the slightest grain of truth to the claim that the Jews want to quit promoting and actually “destroy” Christianity, it would only be because of the Pagan elements that Christianity stole from have out-lived their use, and a much more drastic theocracy is now required.  The Jewish goal behind implementing Global Communism is to perform the final removal of all spiritual knowledge that was contained in all of the original Pagan [Gentile] religions.  Christianity has never been anything more than a blueprint for Global Communism.  [The Jews have targeted the United States of America for Jewish Communism, and the USA has more Jews than anywhere else.  If our Gentile peoples don’t wake up, we will all be in grave danger with no hope for survival].

One faction of the Jews is pretending to be against the Christian “Trinity,” which is actually a Jewish pseudo-trinity consisting of “God the Father,” “God the Son,” and “God the Holy Spirit.”  The other faction of Jews will admit that a Christian who worships this “Trinity” cannot be put to death for “idolatry,” because the Jewish version of the “three-persons-in-one-god” is NOT “idolatry,” as these Gentile Christians are still worshipping the Jewish god.

In the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, Christ admits that he is Yahweh/Jehovah.  “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” (Revelation 1:8)  Jesus said he is the “god” of both the Old and New Testaments.  Despite the way certain factions of the Jewish community hate to be reminded that Jesus is a Jew, they are pro-Christianity for the Gentiles, as Christianity was created to replace Satan and Paganism.  The Jews concocted the Christian “religion” during a time before Paganism became politically correct.  Paganism was synonymous with Satanism, and for those who have eyes, the two are still identical.  Wicca and neo-Paganism are kosher counterfeits and corruptions of real Paganism, which is of Satan.

The Jesus/Yeshua Christ of the Christian Bible is clearly not the “Jesus/Yeshu” that is “mocked” in the Talmud.  The contrary does not hold water, as there are not enough matching parallels between Yeshu and Christ.  The Christian New Testament is just as Jewish as the Torah and Talmud.  I have read books and web page after web page that complain about the “Judaification of Christianity,” as if Christianity is Gentile and not Jewish.  The Jews invented Christianity FOR the Gentiles, and no one is excempt from the truth that every single “layer” of Christendom is of the Jews.  Adolf Hitler made the observation that “Christianity is the greatest lie the Jews ever told humanity.” [1]

The Jewish instigator of Christianity, Paul of Tarsus, states the following about the Jews and Jesus/Yeshua:  “God’s people [Jews] are sanctified by the name of Yeshua and the power of the Holy Spirit.” [2]

I expect the Jewish people and some non-Jewish Christians to be “tearing their hair out” over this, but we must examine two important, alleged coded references to “Jesus” in the Talmud in order to prove what I have said thus far.

1) Sanhedrin 106b “A sectarian said to R. Chanina: Do you know how old Balaam was?  [R. Chanina] replied: It is not written.  However, since it says (Psalms 55:24) “Men of bloodshed and deceit will not live out half their days…” he was 33 or 34. [The heretic] said: You said well.  I have seen the chronicle of Balaam and it said “At 33 years Balaam the lame was killed by Pinchas (Phineas) the robber.”

Here is one Jew’s commentary on this passage:

…”It is impossible to imagine that a Christian would ask a Jew how old Jesus was, and call the Gospel Balaam’s Chronicle or that Pontius Pilate, who is not mentioned even once in the whole of rabbinic literature, should be referred to as Pinchas the robber.  The sectarian referred to was merely a member of a Gnostic sect who was testing whether Chanina could answer a question that was not answered in the Torah. Balaam’s Chronicle was an apocryphal book on Balaam.  These books often adopted an unfavorable attitude to the patriarchs and the prophets and it was possible that Pinchas of the Bible was called in them Pinchas the robber.” [3]

2) Talmud Gittin 56b-57a “[Onkelos Bar Kalonikus] called up Balaam from the dead.  [Onkelos] asked: Who is honored in that world?  [Balaam] replied: Israel. [Onkelos asked:] What about joining them?  [Balaam] replied: (Deut. 23:7) “You shall not seek their peace or welfare all your days.”  [Onkelos] asked: What is your punishment?  [Balaam answered]: In boiling semen.

[Onkelos] called up Yeshu from the dead.  [Onkelos] asked: Who is honored in that world?  [Yeshu] replied: Israel.  [Onkelos asked:] What about joining them?  [Yeshu] replied: Seek their good.  Do not seek their bad.  Whoever touches them is as if he touched the pupil of his eye.  [Onkelos] asked: What is your punishment?  [Yeshu answered]: In boiling excrement.  As the mast said: Whoever mocks the words of the sages is punished in boiling excrement.”

Here is the Jewish commentary for this passage:

“Here we see a story of the famous convert Onkelos who, prior to converting, used black magic to bring up famous villains of history and ask them whether their wickedness saved them in the world to come.  In both cases (there is a third case of Onkelos calling up Titus as well) the sinner is being terribly punished in the afterlife while Israel is being rewarded.  Presumably, this helped convince Onkelos to convert to Judaism.

As we have explained elsewhere, Yeshu is not Jesus of the New Testament.  He is most likely a prominent sectarian of the early first century BCE who deviated from rabbinic tradition and created his own religion combining Hellenistic paganism with Judaism.  While Yeshu may be the proto-Jesus some scholars point to as inspiring the early Christians, he is definitely not the man who was crucified in Jerusalem in the year 33 CE.” [4]

The “Yeshu” that is cursed in the Talmud could have been a Pagan God who the Jews stole from in order to later concoct the Christ myth.  There are several parallels between the life of our Aryan God Dionysus [Satan] and the fictitious, counterfeit Jew, Jesus Christ.

“Therefore, the Talmud is worthless as a non-Christian source demonstrating the historicity of the gospel tale and does not much add acceptable material for our quest to find out who Jesus was.” [5]

“In the story of Dionysus is to be found not only these various significant correspondences to biblical characters and the Christ myth, but also an apparent explanation of the tale of Jesus ben Pandira, Pandera or Panthera, who was supposed by many to represent the “historical Jesus.” This Jesus or Joshua ben Pandira is found only in the Talmud. In the story of Dionysus or Bacchus, the god is reborn as one of twins suckled by a female panther, hence his title “son of a panther,” the same as “ben Panthera” As the “God of Nysa,” Dionysus came out of Egypt, and his moniker was IHE, or IES in Latin, hence, “Jesus ben Panthera” may have been a reference to Dionysus. “Jesus ben Pandira” is not the gospel Jesus. [6]

Conclusion: The Jews have stolen from our Aryan culture and corrupted the spiritual messages behind our Pagan teachings.  Christianity is close to having completed its task of removing Pagan spiritual knowledge and replacing them with Jewish SCUM.  With what little spiritual knowledge remains for those who are sensitive enough to find such knowledge, the Jews are NOT playing games.  They want to enforce the Noahide Laws [Global Communism] and even kill the Gentiles who served the Jews well.  Wake up people!



[2] The Noahide Laws: Understanding Humanity’s Obligation To God by Joyce J. Toney



[5] Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ by D.M. Murdock

[6] The Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled by Acharya S

8-21-2014 sermon by High priestess Maxine

As I mentioned before and will again, whenever you raise your energies
through meditation, yoga, or any other spiritual discipline, it is very
important to direct those energies. Each of us carries latent negativity in
our chakras. This lasts through lifetimes and unless it is reprogrammed,
this is what can cause unfortunate events and other negative experiences to
occur. By stating positive affirmations following any spiritual working,
even that of martial arts; this will direct the energies raised into
something positive and helpful.

Energy always takes the easiest way out. This is scientific. Everyone should
have certain goals and by consistently applying the energy to those goals,
they will manifest in reality. Even if you don’t have any goals you can
decide upon, you can always build an aura of protection around yourself.
Energy should never just be left to itself.

I would also like to add how important positive thinking is, especially when
you meditate regularly. Of course, we are all a part of this world and
subject to the mass mind, but each of us to some extent creates our own
reality. Dwelling on negativity will cause that negativity to manifest,
especially when one’s mind and soul are above average in strength.

Many problems that plague humanity are created from the mass mind. It is a
very sad fact that the bible, which is in nearly every home, in hotels, in
hospitals and everywhere else, along with being forced onto and literally
drummed into the mass mind, especially those of innocent children, of whom
the enemy knows are vulnerable and defenseless against it, is chock full of
the worst negativity imaginable. The bible literally programs humanity to be
rotten. Those of us who meditate regularly know just how sensitive the mind
is to any spiritual awareness. Look at your chakras and you can feel them.
Now, that thoroughly rotten bible is forever affirming how “everyone is a
sinner” and other related putdowns, both in the old and new testaments.
Given how energy works, this becomes imbedded in the mass mind and manifests
itself into real evil. The negative affirmations concerning humanity in that
malignant piece of trash are endless. Everyone has always got to be sorry,
etc., and through this, the entire world is forcibly caught up in a vortex
of damnation that keeps perpetuating itself. I also have an old sermon
concerning Christian mind control methods:


One technique xians have used for centuries is that of mind control. Those
who attend xian services or masses subject themselves to being programmed.
One naturally becomes bored and begins mindlessly daydreaming, or even
half-nodding off to sleep. This is when one is most susceptible to their
subconscious mind being programmed. This is even worse for in the case of
small children and even babies whose minds are open and susceptible. In
colonial times, church masses lasted all day long. The church usher would
carry a long steel pole with a ball at the tip to crack those who nodded off
on the head. Church attendance was compulsory, resulting in fines or public
humiliation such as confinement to the stocks for a specified period of time
if one did not comply. All of this is a conspiracy. The xian church masses
and services are meant to be boring in order to induce a passive and
receptive state of mind where one can be programmed without their knowledge.
Those who control the xian program know all about the mind and how to
program the populace. They are nothing but a bunch of the worst criminals.
All of this is done deliberately to create a slave state. The slave state is
the goal of xianity. The xians who walk around with the pasty artificial
smiles as though in a trance are those who continuously subject themselves
to this indoctrination. More and more church attendance and reinforcement
turns them into conditioned robots. This is one reason many who are in the
process of breaking away from xianity have a hard time, experience
confusion, and sometimes fear. People are unaware they are actually being
hypnotized. Studying the truth will eventually result in deprogramming one’s
mind. The fear, doubt, and confusion will eventually give way to reason.

Another thing I want to mention is the JoS website. It is very extensive.
Many of the articles I wrote are very old. I learned Satanism on the job.
The section on Demons is very old. Demons are the original Pagan Gods.
Demons are for spiritual guidance and support. When we open our minds
through meditation [in some cases certain people are born with this ability
from meditating and doing spiritual work on themselves in past lives], we
open our minds to the astral. Everyone should learn to filter by tuning out
anything unwanted, from the astral. This also includes what one can
encounter using a Ouija Board, as it is open to all kinds of different
astral influences. This just comes with opening your mind and soul. One
becomes much more sensitive and psychic.

Using your intuition is exceptionally important. There can be times,
especially with verbal telepathic communications where things can get
confused or go wrong. It is a very sad fact that science has been so
vehemently attacked and held back dangerously by the xian church. The
ignorance of the populace is essential in creating any slave state. This is
no different from communism, which is the twin of Christianity. Both work to
murder all of the intellectuals, those who have knowledge or anyone deemed a
threat, which usually adds up to millions, as communism has done with
“purges” and of course we all know about Christianity with the Inquisition.
During the Dark Ages, xianity had total control, the average person was a
serf, and a slave and everything stagnated. The Jews had total control until
they were forcibly expelled from Western Europe and migrated to the East.
Following their departure, came the Renaissance. Of course we all know of
what became of the East, as with communism, the populace is living in a Dark
Age. Both Christianity and communism also use the same brutal forceful
methods of indoctrination and mind control. They are one and the same
program and have survived as the populace believes the lies that
Christianity and communism are enemies. Nothing could be further from the
truth. In both doctrines, nothing contradicts. The teachings and the
foundations are both the same, though the lying Jews will try to convince
you different. If they don’t get you with one, they will get you with the
other. No different from how Israel publicly allies with the USA and “free”
world, while the former USSR would publicly condemn Israel and take the Arab
side in order to confuse the world; supplying the Arabs with military
weapons, but of an inferior grade. This was another very clever tactic just
for show. No different from xianity and communism. They only pretend to be
working from opposite sides.

Your intuition is individual. Learn to work with it. And, of course not
everything is spiritual. Given how science has been held back, there is
still a lot we do not know concerning the mind. Both science and
spirituality meet and complement each other at a certain point. Technology
and spirituality both work together. Verbal communications can be tricky at
times. The human mind as we all know tends to repeat certain things like a
song that hangs on in your head. This can also influence verbal
communications and make things difficult. Say for example you have a
spiritual friend, Demon, or other entity and you can hear him/her calling
you, saying your name, or trying to communicate with you. At some point,
like with music, this can become imprinted in the brain and there can be
times when you THINK you heard him/her, but it was only in your own mind.

The same thing can be said concerning thoughts. We open new pathways in the
brain when we use new skills, both physical and spiritual. Some of these can
get crossed. This is a scientific fact. Your own mind can be saying
something, no different form hearing a song in your head, and you may
unknowingly attribute this to a Demon or other spirit. Your intuition will
lead you in the right direction. Verbal telepathic communications cannot
always be depended upon, even with gifted psychics. Use your own intuition
as well. Your intuition can manifest itself in certain gut feelings, certain
strongly FELT influences, and even in events. With experience, knowing
yourself and your mind and knowledge, you can tell the difference from
spirit communications and that of your own mind.

Through consistent meditation, and working with the powers of your mind and
soul, you will find your subconscious mind can be a help to you in life.
Unfortunately, with the horrendous negativity drummed into the populace, the
removal and corruption of spiritual knowledge and the receptivity of the
mind and soul, the subconscious mind of the average person often works
against him/her. This is energy left to itself, undirected. No different
from an abandoned home where the grass grows waist high, weeds take over,
and the property falls into decay at the mercy of the natural elements.

In closing, be aware of how the Jewish controlled media and press work. They
have always manipulated the masses in one way or another. Just note how the
news regarding the Ebola outbreak has taken the heat off of Israel and its
crimes against humanity that were the focus just a few weeks ago.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

The Archons – High Priest Don Danko

The Archons

The Archons subject has been made a big joke out by the new age, hucksters. So its business as usual there.

Let us actually get to the meaning of this subject truthfully right from the ancient texts not duh aged money bags.

“Demonstrated both its Platonic and Gnostic relevance , in the Poimandres we find the Archons as the seven planets, while in Plato the “subaltern demiurgic gods, among whom are the heavenly bodies, are likewise called Archons.”1

Archon means Lord or ruler as well. In the ancient tradition the soul was shown by two sets of octaves one above the other this represents the soul ascended and the lower one the soul trapped in matter. Meaning the lower density of time, this represents the lead in alchemy. This is where jebooism stole the concept of “Fallen” from. The soul fell and was trapped in matter. Sin is also stolen from this as well. The Pagan Egyptians, Babylonians and at one time Vedic’s referred to sin as the dross or lead. Nothing else. They all mention the Magnum Opus as the way to become purified of the dross and become perfected.

The Archon’s are the seven chakra’s as the seven planets in the microcosm relate to the Chakra’s. The Archon’s are Lords relates to the Charka’s. The ancient texts mention each chakra being guarded by a Deva or Lord and one must know the proper formula’s [Mantra’s] be granted passage through the gate the realm they guard and rule.

The Demiurge relates to the material realm of time, karma and samsara.

So to overcome this one must transmute the soul to the higher solar sphere. This is done by piercing and transmuting the chakra’s by the kundalini and then going the extra part and turning the symbolic metals of the Chakra’s to gold. So this what the Archon’s relate to in this sense the Titanic element and its relation to the aspects of the soul each center governs nothing else.

What I mentioned about the Work being the overcoming of Time by transmuting the soul into the subtle aspects of its elements the Akasa or quintessence which is above time as its the eternal element existence is. Quintessence or Akasa is shown as the sun. This is the why Amen Ra also translates out to the Hidden God or Sun. This is the energy of existence itself the unmanifested Logos. The Hidden Name of Amen Ra is AUM. AUM is the Akasa. Zeus destroys the Titan’s by His thunderbolt the symbol of AUM. This is also within the East as well. This is why the perfected being the symbol solar God always ascends into heaven and in some texts right into the sun itself. Its the symbol of the soul ascend from the realm of matter [the earth, think earth element] to the solar sphere of Akasa-Vajra.

So there you go save yourself a bag of bucks and hours of nonsensical drivel from the flimflam men of the new age money grab.

1.Christ In Egypt The Horus Connection. DM Murdock